Our mission is to halt the agenda of Mandatory Vaccination.

About Us

Tara Jackson


Originally from Texas, I have been a North Carolina resident on and off since the age of 14 - and a Charlottean since 2013.  I am a mom, a wife, and a Commercial Photographer. 

And a little bit of a Rebel who plays by the rules.

Sounds like a contradiction doesn't it? 

When I was in 5th grade, I had a teacher, Mr. Stanley, who would regularly punish the whole class for the misbehavings of two boys. I was always well behaved, often called the teachers pet - but even I could see his technique in holding the masses accountable for the actions of the few were wrong. I finally garnered the strength to suggest to him that he ONLY hold the boys accountable for their actions. This worked for a short time - and then Mr. Stanley regressed to his default behavior of extra work for all. At that point, I'd had it. That little girl who always obeyed all the rules, who never wanted to be known for getting in trouble, who walked away from kids who were making waves... that little girl was done with the abuse.

It was not right for punishment or actions to be forced on everyone, due to the behaviors of the two. I learned that day that SOMEONE has to stand up for what's right - even if it meant standing alone.

I learned that day - that those in power are not always right. Sometimes they are just misguided, and sometimes they are bullies in love with their own power. Either way, WE have to stand strong and say something.

WE have RIGHTS. They are written into our Constitution and our Amendments. THESE are the rules that I became a rebel to protect. 

These are the rights that are OURS - they are not for sale by our legislators to Big Pharma.

I have been in many situations where standing up to the "accepted norm" was scary - situations where no one else could garner the courage. Being a 6ft tall woman - with some unknown source of courage to draw from made it so that I was willing to stand up to that bully. 

The bully in school. 

The bully in Corporate America. 

And now, the Bully that is Pharma wanting to tell us when and where and how often we MUST inject our children (and next ourselves) with whatever they deem necessary - all without the proper safety testing and liability for their own products. 

Legislators are falling to pharmas whim and their never ending pocketbooks... and we as a society no longer meet our legislators face to face. It's time to change that. It's time to make it known that OUR BODIES ARE OUR OWN.